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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another top quilted and a special gift

This is another of my many tops that has been patiently waiting to be finished.

I quilted it using my side saddle. I used a feather type panto. I'm getting more used to the spacing required in these panto's. But sometimes I have to add a little extra free quilting in between.

I was invited to a wedding of a special co-worker yesterday. This is the special gift I made for them. I also used the side saddle to quilt it. I was not happy with the center. It seemed to puffy so I remembered seeing hearts in the list of patterns I have. I used two hearts and intertwined them. Its subtle but solved my dilema.

For the back I used a wedding fabric bought on e-bay. Too cute!

My adventure for today is probably going to be finishing at least the 18" X 24" top for our state guild challenge. I have some other things to do around the house but that's BORING!
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