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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tinker Belle, Beading and Stars

Tinker Belle laying in the bathroom sink. She is really getting big. She is trying and succeeding to be the new alpha cat. :-)

The beading picture is a start of a beaded button. What fun and very addicting. I'll post a picture of the finished button.

and from the sewing room my stars quilt is "finally quilted" after having gone thru technical challenges. I'm happy to say that I am pleased with the results. It was quilted with a digitized panto called Brandywine. With this quilt I did learn how to clip the pattern. And how to travel the pattern on the screen and then use the "G" key to goto. Cool! This is "my" new bed quilt so I am looking forward to having it completed and on the bed.

The other picture is a Love Quilt that came out of the UFO bin. It's plain at the moment but I'll do some fancy quilting and it'll be beautiful.

Yes the UFO bin is jam packed again. So I've been trying to work on reducing the amount of UFO's. They must reproduce while I am sleeping, and I'm in the same room. Well, when I sleep a bomb could go off and I wouldn't hear it. LOL. But if Mr. F.Q. or the cats are up I hear them....??? Strange but true.

More sewing tomorrow. Yay!

Frog Quilter


  1. Love the quilts.... You must have a coconut hit your roof, that really does sound like a bomb...

  2. Fun catching up with your projects... You get so much done. yikes..
    Hope all is good with you and yours,
    Love from Indiana!!!


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