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Friday, September 10, 2010

Scrap Progress, Love Quilts, Baby Quilt

I have been continuing my effort to empty the last bag of scraps. I do 30 to 60 minutes most evenings. I heard that there are more coming my way. :-))))))))))))))) Love Scraps. Last weekend I quilted 2 Love quilts that turned out fabulous. I'm finally thinking that my quilting is beautiful. In other words I am less critical on myself. This has taken a long time to accomplish. It's not the individual stitches BUT the overall effect.
Here is the baby quilt for a co-worker. Her shower was Tuesday and a little whoosh came out of her mouth when she pulled this quilt out of the bag... :-)
There is the second love quilt on the frame behind.

What would I do without quilting? I think I would be lost. It really has become so much of my life and SO ENJOYABLE.
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  1. Oh, that bag of scraps looks like so much fun! I just love working with scraps :-). Enjoy!

  2. I would be so bored without quilting. What lovely quilts...fun colors.


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