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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Organizing, Cats, Love Quilt

I caught the kitties all lying in one area basking in the sunshine. How cute.

Yesterday I received and put together the shelf that I ordered from Walmart (free shipping). I put it together myself (simple assembly and no tools required). So I have been emptying bins and refolding fabric. I need to see what I have. Oooh and all the pretty fabrics. Just Lovely.

A love quilt in process. I started last sunday and had completed all but one row which I finished yesterday. I used a panto called chocolate leaves. It really put some nice texture into this quilt.

I have alot to get done today - quilting, quilting and more quilting.

A funny - Mr FQ saw the shelf and thought I was going fabric shopping LOL. NO I HAVE ENOUGH for the moment.Frog Quilter

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  1. Love your quilt and organization...doesn't it feel good?


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