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Friday, July 29, 2011

New Toys

I had a friend bring me back a Oliso Iron from the Knoxville Quilt Show. So far I like it.

And ...................... a feather weight sewing machine, a 1950 model in mint condition. She got a good work out this morning. Now I need a 1/4 inch foot.

Frog Quilter


  1. Wow, I like the machine. I just ordered new fabrics to start next week a new patchwork bed-cover. I wonder how much fabric is in the States. Here it is too expensive - 4 pieces of 10"x20" are € 6,50 ($ 9.30), isn't that far too much? Would love to hear from, Beth. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Love the iron, too. Yes, I got one too. And I have a feather weight. you will enjoy it so much....

  3. The featherweight looks to be a centenial model? Isn't that a blue ring around that seal? That makes it even more special.


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