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Friday, July 15, 2011

Strings and things

This week I have been working on reducing the string bucket. I use a big kitty litter bucket and it holds a lot. Of course the kitties think it's play time with the scraps all over the floor. I have a good size pile of wonky log cabin blocks. I'll show them in the next post.

My rowenta iron died last night in the middle of sewing..............What's a girl to do? Can't be without a iron.... So I dug around in the closet and pulled out my other rowenta steam generating system. I had put it in the closet because it had started leaking. Well so far so good. But in the mean time I have a friend at the Knoxville Quilt Show who is bringing me a iron and some other goodies. Aren't friends wonderful.

Frog Quilter


  1. hehe I love the kitties playing pics.

  2. love your string. I got the new iron too. cant wait to try it. got to wash clothes first. LOL. saw Dee getting your batting.


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