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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Parkers Quilt, Playing with Strips

This scrappy quilt is for a dog named Parker. Robin is going to use it to line his crate. Isn't that sweet of her. It has lots of quilting and will definitely pamper Parker.


Blogger had its way this morning so I'll show you the finished product of playing with strips. These are made by sewing 2 strips (2.5 inches each) together and then slicing them with a 90 degree triangle. I trimmed them to 8 inch blocks. Will make for an interesting quilt.

I'm doing this to move some (all) of my 2.5 strips as I would like fresher fabrics. It seems as hard as I try, this bin stays forever full. It also contains megga amounts of 2.5 X 4.5 bricks. Those are also on the chopping block to be used up.

I have lots of fabric that I need to process.

I was motivated to do this from a book I bought. Strip Smart Quilts. It has lots of layouts and the possiblilies are endless.

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