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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Strip Smart - Flimsy

The frog, rock and dragon fly spark plug. I have this on my desk at work. The dragon fly is really cute with the frog on a giant lily pad.

The kitties in the bed at treat time. They are jockeying for position, even though they are all treated fairly.

and last but not least the strip quilt. A flimsy finally. Now that it's off the floor I can vacuum up all the threads and bits.

More to show later.

Frog Quilter


  1. Love how the strip quilt turned out. The kitties are just like kids they all want to be first in line no matter what you are doing. The colors in the mat under your frog on your desk remind me of the colors in the strip quilt.

  2. Your quilt is turning out wonderfully!!

  3. I like the dragonfly. The strip quilt is very nice. I started one like that, too, theres a lot of fabric to cut...

  4. Ha, I'm not! I got a new web browser and now it works.


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