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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Quilty Archives

I've had a very busy weekend. Lots of sewing but not much to show. Lots of binding, embroiderying quilt labels, you get the idea.

Upon trying to download my pictures from todays efforts I had camera problems. Every picture did not want to download. So batteries are charging.

Looking back through my picture archives I've selected a few for quilty content and one for the cat lovers out there.

The red and white patchwork quilt is one that currently is on my dining room table. It is bound but doesn't have a label yet. I need a name: X Marks the spot.

Tinker Belle looking fabulous.

A love quilt I turned in last month to guild.

Frog Quilter


  1. Love that red and white quilt.
    Not only does Tinker Belle look fabulous, but she also looks like she knows it. Isn't that just like a cat?

  2. I like how you quilted the leaves on that yellow/green quilt. Very nice! And everything what is red and white is lovely anyway!


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