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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Easy Street Part 2 DONE!

I finished these flying geese units, all 134 of them last night watching Nebraska get whooped :-(

This morning I re-inserted my red snappers back into my quilt leaders. Oh how I have missed you.

Excuse the messy look. I usually have multiple projects going and somehow my room gets messy. How did that happen?

Tinker Belle looking all cute and stretched out.
Frog Quilter


  1. Looking good!!! and tell Tinker Belle she is looking good too

  2. Cute little kitty. My cocker sleeps just like that too. I love my red snappers too. Why were they removed? Just curious.

  3. Lovely flying geese. My sewing room gets messy too, even though I try to work neatly, sigh.

  4. I love the purples you chose!! Love the kitties too!


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