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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Orphan Block Fun

My laundry basket of orphan blocks has been pestering me....

I put a few more rounds on this one and a border.  I'm calling it done.  This would make a great guy quilt.

This one is a collaberation of many left over blocks from many quilts. I love the randomness.

I added these two tops to the the never ending stack of tops.  I'd rather have tops than a basket of blocks.

Sadly there are at least two more quilt tops that I can make from that basket.  Those are for another day.

I have a T Shirt quilt I am working on.  Need to at least get through the fusing of the stabilizer today.  Then I can do one of my favorite things, designing.

Frog Quilter

PS. Only a couple new dear Jane Blocks finished.  Hope to complete a couple tonight...


  1. Nice results from your orphan block play. : )
    I have a T-shirt quilt to make for my youngest, who just graduated from college. I have 2 laundry baskets full of the t-shirts he collected over his college years. I am interested in getting started, but I know before I am finished I will long for working with wovens again. *LOL*

  2. I love the mix of pattern and bright colors in the second.


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