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Friday, September 25, 2015

On The Frame

My morning quilt is being quilted as I write this.  I wanted to have this quilt finished by the one year anniversary of my sons death.  That will be October 30.  So I think I will make it.  It is a Sue Garman pattern but I used inch and a half squares and added appliqué for the final border.  The top was completed in about ten days.  I took something so terrible and put my heart ache into a quilt.  Quilting is my therapy!

This is a bad picture, the quilt is MUCH LIGHTER than it shows.

Pattern is hearts and swirls.  I used So Fine thread in white top and bottom.  Yum!

Come back to see what else I'm working on, beside the sprouts...

Frog Quilter


  1. The quilt is lovely. Is it Sue's OMG pattern?

  2. What a lovely quilt....so sorry for your son's death...a mother's worst nightmare!

  3. It is a great quilt--can you look at it without revisiting your grief? Just wondered if it would be hard to have it around after it had seen you through such a difficult time.
    Quilting is very therapeutic for me, as well, but I have not yet faced something as hard as this.


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