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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday Update

Christmas Eve my son and family spent the day here.  We all had a fun day.  My grand daughter and I baked Chinese chewys which came out perfect.  We all enjoyed them.  

I also introduced Caitlin my GD to quilting.  She took to it right away and wanted to make more little quilts lol!

Here she is proudly showing her creation!

And the back.

I quilted this top which is a gift for Dennis.  Last Christmas I gifted Dennis and Dot with a quilt.  Well Dot has fully adopted the 2014 quilt, so I made one for Dennis.  I know he will get to enjoy it!

The back..  This picture was taken in the late afternoon sun.  The binding is waiting to be stitched down.

For the cat lovers, my kitties had a blast with all the wrapping papers.

Today I have been working on Allietare Mystery by Bonnie Hunter.  I hope to finish the current step tomorrow.

Frog Quilter


  1. Welcome new quilter (your GD) Cats do love tissue paper

  2. Looks like Caitlin catches on quickly!
    I like the quilt you made for Dennis--interesting design.
    It is pretty fun to watch kitties playing in the wrappings. I grew up with cats and I remember those times. : )


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