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Friday, March 4, 2016

Time Flies

Did you miss me?  I don't have an excuse for not blogging, just busy.  Rest assured I have been sewing and organizing.

First up is the completed quilt Denise and I collaborated on.  The butter fly quilt.  It looks fabulous now that the binding is attached.

The owner of the blocks will get her quilt on Monday.  I hope she likes her quilt.  It has come a long way.

A baby girl quilt for K who works at a doctors office I frequent.

My quilt inspector Maestro checking it out.  Ignore my pink camo slippers.

The back

That was modified as the fabric I picked was a bit short.

And there has been appliqué most evenings.

The last block is my apple tree block that is not oriented correctly.  Sorry about that.

I have gone through my tops and selected the large scrappy stars for quilting as it will be a nice addition to my trunk show.

More tomorrow or Sunday so keeping sewing.

Frog Quilter


  1. I haven't been on the computer much the last week but good to see you quilting - I will be back to quilting in about another week after my enforced break

  2. The butterfly quilt is lovely! Nice job, you two!
    I love your batik appliques. I find some batiks tough to needle (I only do bindings, not applique). Does it give you any trouble?


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