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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quilt Testers, Love Tops and New Toy

I thought I would introduce you to my quilt testers. "Blackie" is sitting the love top I quilted on Saturday doing free hand feathers. I think he approves... The quilt in the background is one that my grandmother started and I finished. All flying geese off set due to our different sizes.

Next is "Sebastian" a siamese tabby. He is so sweet. He's quite large laying next to the Handi Quilter.

This love top a combination of many parts from the UFO bin. I quilted this love top last night/today playing with my new toy. A Side Saddle by Quilting Solutions. It is a mix of electronic quilting and free motion quilting. You can find more information here. You pick your pattern, set up, and the computer and machine do all the work. I've very pleased with this addition. Now I'll be able to quilt all those heirloom tops I was too chicken to quilt...

I ordered a bunch of e-pantos and anxiously await to use them.

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  1. Your helpers look like mine, very contented! Love the quilt.

  2. A quilt without a cat seems quite unfinished! Gorgeous kitties!


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