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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Love Quilt and Blackie

Here is a smaller version of a Love Quilt I made a few weeks ago. This one uses white on white tone squares, 4.5 inches cut diagonally twice.

Quilted with a digitized flower panto and a lady bug flannel back. Looks like the lady bugs are crawling around in the flowers.

And last here is Blackie always after attention. He's so sweet but can be a pest. :-)

A lot of time this weekend has been spent on getting ready for our guests Bill & Liz from Scotland. Yikes they'll be here in less than 2 weeks. I'm almost ready. Are you ready Liz?
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Love Quilts

As promised from the last post here is how I am going to set this little quilt. It is similar to another one I made only smaller scale but cute and colorful.

I found this top in the closet, minus the last border. Don't know why is was hidden away in a bin. So I added another border, found some cute cow backing and quilted it up using hearts motif, free motion.

I quilted this string quilt using a under the sea scene.

Here you can see fish, a sea horse and sea weed.

Whoever receives this quilt will just love the heavyness of it.
Besides working on love quilts I have been trying to get my fair entries and state quild heart ready....
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tigger and Scrap Progress

Here is our third cat Tigger. He's not very social and very moody. He's a "big" ole cat.

I have been working on alot of binding on the quilts I have quilted. I still need sewing therapy. Or should I say machine sewing therapy. My bucket of 2.5 wide pieces that are less than 2.5 inches (Left overs from processing fabric) are sewn together into strips.

A strip set will need to be long enough diagonally for the block you are using. I chose 4 inch blocks. I took a white on white fabric, cut into 3.5 squares and cut once on the diagonal. Sew triangles to both sides of strip set. Place square ruler on top of unit and trim.

This unit is now ready to place into your favorite pattern.

Next post I'll show multiple units together. Really makes a cute pattern.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another top quilted and a special gift

This is another of my many tops that has been patiently waiting to be finished.

I quilted it using my side saddle. I used a feather type panto. I'm getting more used to the spacing required in these panto's. But sometimes I have to add a little extra free quilting in between.

I was invited to a wedding of a special co-worker yesterday. This is the special gift I made for them. I also used the side saddle to quilt it. I was not happy with the center. It seemed to puffy so I remembered seeing hearts in the list of patterns I have. I used two hearts and intertwined them. Its subtle but solved my dilema.

For the back I used a wedding fabric bought on e-bay. Too cute!

My adventure for today is probably going to be finishing at least the 18" X 24" top for our state guild challenge. I have some other things to do around the house but that's BORING!
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Library Quilt and Missing Heart Quilt

This is Joyce's Devine Quilters Library Challenge Quilt.

Our challenge was to take a churn dash, star block and snow ball and make something beautiful. Size was 36 X 48.

Here is the missing heart quilt from last nights post.
Our State Quild has a heart challenge this fall and I have been experimenting with ideas. The heart quilts may be traveling as did the Bra's.
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heart Quilt, Library Challenge Quilt

I quilted my heart quilt last Saturday using a heart panto and my side saddle. It took all day and the effect is perfect. I had no problems other than getting it aligned. I consider this quilt one of my heirloom quilts and am glad to have it quilted. The picture has disappeared. Next post I'll add it again. Shows much better in person.

I have many others to do and look forward to completing them. And then I'll just have to make more.

I need a name for the heart quilt... Any suggestions?

Today I went to the library to see our Library Quilt Challenge display. WOW they look great. I can only show mine as I haven't got permission to show the others. (yet) Mine was selected to be hung "alone" in the main lobby. I think it was lonely, missing the other 12 that were hung in the gallery. They did a wonderful job hanging them.

I named this quilt "Where's Home"? Lots of houses in the quilt.

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy. More next time.

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