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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cindy Needham Workshop

As per normal Blogger arranges the pictures... No worries, I'll just go with the flo......

I took a class with Cindy Needham, who is a Thread Educator with Superior Threads. We learned so much information as well as got to play with all the threads Superior sells. Her work is amazing and she does it all on a domestic sewing machine. Here she is holding up one of her quilts.

Here's Cindy holding her quilt. Ignore the expression on her face. She really had a good time with the Southern Crescent Quilt Guild.

The Southern Crescent Quilt Guild were so nice, and Margaret and I felt very welcome among them.

On the way to Georgia we strayed off the beaten path and had lunch at a deli. They had the biggest butterfly bush I have ever seen. Nature is always so beautiful.

And we visited a few quilt shops - call for damage control LOL. The Scarlet Thread was a house of never ending rooms with gorgeous fabrics, notions and anything you could ever want.
The In Town Quilt Shop was just as nice. They had the most amazing Kaffe Fasset collection of fabrics. I had such a good time.
I'm ready to make another trip...
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wedding Blocks

Here are the wedding blocks I made this past weekend under the direction/instruction of Margaret. They had lots of set in seams. I completed my five and they look ok.
The experience taught me to slow down a little more and pay attention.
Thanks Margaret. You're a good instructor.
Frog Quilter

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beaded Pin :-)

Blogger has reversed the order of my pictures and I'm not going to fix them. This is my second attempt at posting and I'm tired.

On the right is the beaded button snapped together just waiting for the final beads around the edges and the backing.

Here it is out of the hoop and trimmed

In the process of being trimmed.

Just out of the hoop.

And my starting point for the above steps.

Warning - these are very addictive. I can see many more to come.
Frog Quilter

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tinker Belle, Beading and Stars

Tinker Belle laying in the bathroom sink. She is really getting big. She is trying and succeeding to be the new alpha cat. :-)

The beading picture is a start of a beaded button. What fun and very addicting. I'll post a picture of the finished button.

and from the sewing room my stars quilt is "finally quilted" after having gone thru technical challenges. I'm happy to say that I am pleased with the results. It was quilted with a digitized panto called Brandywine. With this quilt I did learn how to clip the pattern. And how to travel the pattern on the screen and then use the "G" key to goto. Cool! This is "my" new bed quilt so I am looking forward to having it completed and on the bed.

The other picture is a Love Quilt that came out of the UFO bin. It's plain at the moment but I'll do some fancy quilting and it'll be beautiful.

Yes the UFO bin is jam packed again. So I've been trying to work on reducing the amount of UFO's. They must reproduce while I am sleeping, and I'm in the same room. Well, when I sleep a bomb could go off and I wouldn't hear it. LOL. But if Mr. F.Q. or the cats are up I hear them....??? Strange but true.

More sewing tomorrow. Yay!

Frog Quilter

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quilting and Peanuts

Last weekend my goal was to finish putting the borders on the star quilt, load and quilt. Well I got almost done. It's looking real good. I'm using a panto called Brandywine; lots of feathers. Pretty...

Two more pet quilts for the animal hospital in town. Already delivered and they were delighted to get a few more. You should see their faces light up...

AND Mr FQ said that we were out of boiled peanuts and a local produce place in town had green peanuts. So I went and bought a "bushel". He was shocked that I bought that much. So Saturday and Sunday I had peanuts boiling on the stove. Yummy! And in the freezer. Come winter I know we will enjoy them.

Its so good to be home and be sewing.

Tinker Belle is fetching and returning items. She's so smart

Frog Quilter