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Sunday, April 11, 2021


 I haven’t quilted much in the last two months due to medical issues.  I have mostly been cross stitching on the couch between naps.

Here are the love quilts that have been quilted.

I have started my Sentimental Stitches 365 little blocks and have three completed.

And this is the sampler I have been working on. 

I have had my first Covid-19 shot and get the second one in a few weeks.  I will be glad when all the virus crap is over....🐸

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Stitching Away

 Just not so much in the quilt studio. I completed another two pin pillows for my coffee table centerpiece and I’m loving it. I have another almost finished but ran out of a green thread.  Amazon to the rescue, I should have it tomorrow. 

I have put my patchwork blocks together that I showed in the last post.  Now to iron and trim.

Hope everyone is doing well.  🐸

Friday, March 12, 2021

March is here

 And I have not blogged much(any). I haven’t done much sewing but instead the cross stitch bug has me.

Here are a few pin keeps I have finished. Blogger chose the order grrr.

And I have started a new quilt for the spare bedroom which will again be empty the end of May.  The blocks have all been made and trimmed.  I have a bag with 170 more blocks and it takes for of them for each set.  The bed size is a full and I plan to make it a generous quilt.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

February Updates

 Here are my newest Christmas Fig blocks.  The picture reveals that I STILL have a problem with the petal on the upper right.  This block sat in time out for a few weeks and I still messed it up lol.

This is the latest Sewcialites block.  I have not tackled the 3.5 in block yet.

I took a zoom class from Kelly.  This was a lot of fun being in my own studio sewing.

Anita I thought about you the whole time I was making it. It finishes at around 12 inches square.

Kelly’s information is listed below if you are interested in taking a class with her.

Kellie Willey

Little Quilt Creations

Website - www.littlequiltcreations.com

Facebook - Kellie Willey's Little Quilts

Instagram - kelliewilleyquilts

Etsy - LittleQuiltCreations

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Lots of updates

 Here are my blocks that I have caught up on:

I have one more to quilt and then I will start on a big binding effort.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Spools Top and Christmas Figs

 I finished my spools top yesterday so now it can join the multitude of other tops just waiting for quilting. 

Speaking of quilting, the latest on my machine is that two more (different) cables are coming my way. I hope this fixes the communication error.

I have always admired the Christmas Figs quilt pattern and have had the book for years.   Recently I decided it was time to make that quilt for my bed for next Christmas. Well I couldn’t find it anywhere and I’m not surprised after this last move. So I ordered and received a new one, gathered my fabrics from my stash.  I’ve made the first two blocks and LOVE IT!!!  The blocks are 16.5 inches unfinished. So pretty!

Yesterday I sewed three backs for kids quilts, for whenever the quilting mood strikes.

Staying busy is good and therapeutic for me. 🐸

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Home Is block #3 and Spool Quilt Top

 I made my Home Is block number three yesterday. 

Looking at my design wall everyday were spool my blocks.  They have been there too long.  Time to audition the sashing strips.

This is the fabric I selected.

Excuse the turned picture, blogger is acting up.  Next up will be adding a border in the sashing fabric for a finished top.