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North Carolina. An active quilter and long armer. Give me a quilt and watch it come to life as I stitch it!

Monday, February 27, 2023

Slacking Again

 Time just seams to escape me here lately. But let’s do an update. 

I finished my Chilhowie Mystery Quilt. Yay!  I absolutely love this quilt.

Next is my weekly Call me crazy block from sentimental stitches. 

And I have my Little 4.5 blocks also from sentimental stitches. 

I was away for the weekend and haven’t tackled my weekly blocks that came out Friday, so those will be completed today or tomorrow. 

Take time to stitch and relax. 🐸


  1. WOW - your quilt is beautiful - and your blocks are cute - ;))

  2. Your mystery quilt is a beauty! I am loving seeing your little blocks from Sentimental Stitches.

  3. Your Chilhowie Mystery Quilt is a triumph! It is so lovely. Those blocks are such tiny little pretties bursting with fantastic pattern.


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