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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Feather Weight Testing

These are the blocks I created while testing my new to me, feather weight sewing machine. Just to make sure I like the machine. I DO! Sews like a dream and she is so small.

As for the rest of my day I need to load a Love Quilt on the frame so I can turn it in Monday evening.

Happy Sewing.

Frog Quilter

Friday, July 29, 2011

New Toys

I had a friend bring me back a Oliso Iron from the Knoxville Quilt Show. So far I like it.

And ...................... a feather weight sewing machine, a 1950 model in mint condition. She got a good work out this morning. Now I need a 1/4 inch foot.

Frog Quilter

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Itty Bitty Flimsy

See the evoluation of this top. I had two pieces of fun animal print so I put them at the top and bottom. Then it seemed not wide enough so I searched in my stash for a large print with yellow green in it. This large leaf / flower print fit it perfectly. This was so much fun to put together.

I do have a gallon size bag of more itty bitties just waiting for their turn. :-)))

This top will now join others waiting for their calling.

Frog Quilter

Itty Bitties, Visitor

Here are my itty bitties sewn together in long strips with a light blue strip in 2 widths 2.5 and 3 inches. It is evolving nicely.

A frog visitor on one of my flower pots on my porch.

Next post I'll show the completed itty bitty quilt top. I haven't quite decided what other sewing project I will be doing today. BUT rest assured I'll be sewing something.

Frog Quilter

Friday, July 22, 2011

Finishing Projects

A brown and yellow pet quilt for the animal hospital in town.

A soft looking lap quilt... ready for when I need to give one.

2 flannel rag baby quilts. The blue and yellow one is quilted more than the pink and purple one. They both started out the same size. Celeste if you are reading this, these are the quilts coming for the grands. I just need to make and sew the labels.

I've been sewing my "ity bitties" and have a new setting for them. I'll show that in the next post.

Frog Quilter

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot off the frame!

I quilted the orphan quilt top this evening. I free handed feathers gallore. It made me smile to look at it after it was finished. I'm finally starting to like my quilting... Does anyone else have this problem?

It will go to a friend in need.

Frog Quilter

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Morning View

Here is a picture of Sebastian sitting on my lap giving me therapy. That's what we call it. It's very relaxing. He is a "big boy".

I spent the first part of my morning before 7am on the front porch. I like listening to the sounds of nature waking up. Chickadees chirping, humming birds buzzing by my chair, a pair of wood peckers looking for food. All this and more makes for a lovely start to my day.

There is a green lizard in the middle of the flowers. Cute!

More to come....

Frog Quilter

Wonky Log Cabin Blocks

As a test I reduced the picture size and waaalaa it loaded and fast. So here are the blocks created from all that fabric you saw on the floor. I think there are 50 - 60 blocks. A quilt for sure.

Frog Quilter

Blogger Problems

It won't let me load pictures. I've been trying to post since 6:30am.

Frog Quilter

Friday, July 15, 2011

Strings and things

This week I have been working on reducing the string bucket. I use a big kitty litter bucket and it holds a lot. Of course the kitties think it's play time with the scraps all over the floor. I have a good size pile of wonky log cabin blocks. I'll show them in the next post.

My rowenta iron died last night in the middle of sewing..............What's a girl to do? Can't be without a iron.... So I dug around in the closet and pulled out my other rowenta steam generating system. I had put it in the closet because it had started leaking. Well so far so good. But in the mean time I have a friend at the Knoxville Quilt Show who is bringing me a iron and some other goodies. Aren't friends wonderful.

Frog Quilter

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quilty Content

I quilted this nine patch and since taking the picture have sewn the binding on.

Another Roseville Album block completed. See the cute owls?

And I had these string blocks just begging to be put in a quilt.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Frog Quilter

Craft Show Goodies

Last weekends trip to the Arts & Craft Show had some goodies that just had go home with me. The glass fired platter is AWESOME. I just couldn't resist.

The blue bakeware, 2 mini bunts and a medium sized bowl will make a nice addition to my others. Check out the card for the pottery. The address is Frogtown Rd, how funny!

I'll be posting a quilty post later today, so come back.

Frog Quilter

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another Day, another limit

The weather continues to be beautiful in the mountains. The serenity of fishing in the stream is bliss.

I went to a Arts & Crafts Show in Sylva, NC yesterday. It was fabulous. I am always intrigued by the different arts in different areas of the country.

These are a few of the vendors at the show. I have one more picture I'll save for another post. A beautiful piece of blown glass.

Today I think I'll go up stream a little to the falls for a little more challenging fishing. The freezer is pretty full so we may be giving away a couple stringers of fish.

Frog Quilter

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Got my limit!

Mr FQ and I are here in the mountains of NC. The days are hot and the evenings are cool.

I went fishing yesterday around 3pm and by 5pm I had my limit of 10 nice trout. YUM!

I'm sitting here this morning beside a nice fire Mr FQ had built and a good cup of coffee.

So relaxing here.

On the quilty side of things, I finished binding my Downy quilt and got one side of the spider web quilt sewn down.

I'm off to a Arts and Crafts Show in Waynesville this morning.

Frog Quilter