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Sunday, November 29, 2009

MAM's Become a Flimsy

The MAM's (Mile a Minute) blocks were begging to be put into a flimsy. I listened and put together a 6 X 8 setting. (The picture is a 8 X 6 setting) The blocks were trimmed to 8 inches square. I sewed them together in no set order just trying to have different type of fabrics next to each other. First I made twosi's, then foursi's adding two more while still in the machine. I have enough blocks remaining for another top this size.

I find the "no rules" very refreshing not to mention being able to sew mindless and have a beautiful top.

There are some other items I have been working on which I can not show. It would spoil the surprise.

Our Artful Bra's are now on ebay. The link is HERE. When you get to the ebay site type in Artful Bra. There are 50 bras up for bid (10 day time frame) I have two: Lily Padded and 'Love and Peace'. The web site is also accessable from the Quilters of SC web site listed below.
Also if you'd like to purchase a Bra Book they can be found at http://www.quiltersofsc.org/

Proceeds from the sale of the Bras and the books will benefit "the best chance network" which pays for mammograms and PAP smears for uninsured and under insured women. Together we can stop the spread of cancer.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Extra Blocks, Love Quilts

One of two last braid quilts. This one done with a dark blue fabric. Quilted with circular squigglies.

There is one braid row remaining which I'll work into another quilt somehow. (I found a bag with strips already cut for more braids... I think I'll work that into something else.)

Here is the other done with a dark green border and a winter scene for the centers. This one has a few technical difficulties I encountered while quilting. I am still going to finish as a child will still cherish it. Quilted with feathers.

This quilt below was a love top given to me to quilt. Its quilted with lots of feathers and I used a cranberry thread.

Here is the extra blocks quilt. These are blocks from at least 7 different projects. I put them together with a red border. I have a little girl in mind for this quilt. I like it myself.

I worked a special table runner today. Liz I have one more border to add and it will be ready for quilting. I need to finish it as overseas christmas boxes will need to be mailed soon.

I STILL HAVE MORE UFO's. But the pile is going down significantly.
Frog Quilter

Sunday, November 15, 2009

UFO Braids, Love Quilts

The braid quilt on the left is one of two that I put together today. I quilted this one with swirls.

The UFO bin still has plenty in it. It doesn't look like I've even put a dent in it.....

Below is a love quilt, quilted with cranberry colored thread and feathers. I like the effect.

In other news my Bernina is in the shop. I probably overworked it. It was way overdue for servicing.
My Activa has been sewing beautifully and I'm thankful for a spare machine. I can't imagine being without a sewing machine.
Christmas is just around the corner so yesterday I sewed up some quick and easy presents.
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

96 Fat String Blocks and a love quilt

I sewed all my fat strings > 1.5 inches into MAM (mile a minute blocks) last weekend and ended up with 96. That's enough for 2-3 love quilts. There are no two alike.

Its mindless sewing and there are NO RULES, no measuring, no matching seams; just add it and stitch. When you have reached the magic size just trim. These blocks trim out at 8 inches square. It's fun seeing all the different fabrics together.
This is a love top I quilted with all over feathers. I'm pleased with how it came out. I've been trying not to be so critical of my quilting. I tend to look at every stitch but have come to realize it's the overall effect of the quilting as a whole that matters.

Is everyone as critical as me?
Frog Quilter

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Strips, strips and more strips

My goal this weekend was to use up all the "fat" strips (1.5 inch or larger). I finished today but that will be another post. The quilt above used strips and was quilted using a new digitized baptist fan pattern. I'm pleased with how it came out. It will be donated as a Love Quilt. And now I have something to stitch in the evening as I attached the binding today.

Blogger is doing its thing tonight.

The picture below is a panel that I quilted using feathers and more feathers. Some child will be delighted with it. It's educational as well. Shows the US with all the capitals.

This is a pin cushion I bought at our guilds' fund raiser. Attach it to your wrist and you save time when you are pinning your quilt bottoms to the leader. It's made of a frog fabric. Dee does wonderful sewing. Thanks Dee.
Now that all the fat strips are made into blocks, I'll have to make more Love Quilts. They always make me feel good to finish them.
Frog Quilter

Friday, November 6, 2009

Cats check out quilt

A rare picture of Tigger and Blackie in the SAME bed just chiling out. You can see Tigger in the background eyeing Blackie saying "this is MY BED".
Blackie and Sebastian checking out the finished quilt. I believe they gave it a thumbs up.
I have finished quilting all the love tops, bound them and am in the process of putting the labels on the back. So with that I have been trying to reduce my strings (a never ending process).
I have become so used to having quilts to bind that it is strange when there aren't any waiting for me. So I'll just make more.
Come back tomorrow for my newest Love Top and other updates.
Frog Quilter