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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Downy - Quilt for kids

A fellow quilter showed a Downy "Quilts for Kids" quilt the other day at guild. Well I had to join in. I went to the web site here and sent an email. They send you everything you need EXCEPT the batting. (I pieced some from my scrap pile) All the fabrics are cut. You SEW and all is done by machine.

This is the completed quilt. How cute and yes I managed to get a couple blocks turned the wrong way. I don't think a child will mind...

A new bed quilt for hubby's grand daughter. She likes bright dazzling colors. I hope it's bright enough for her. I love it!

Lastly a "Love Quilt" made from braids and quilted with the breast cancer logo in pink.

Mr FQ has a significant birthday tomorrow. We spent part of the weekend away :-)))).
Frog Quilter


  1. It depends on which way the lucky child is looking from if it's upside down or not! A lovely job indeed.


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