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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ironing Board Make Over, Sewing Scraps, Kitty Update

Here we go, order defined by blogger.

I've been working on making mile a minute quilt blocks as I had 3 bags of scraps. (much like the one you see below with Sebastian in the picture). So 2 bags are finished and gone, working on the third one. Here are the blocks that have been trimmed. There are a lot here.

A picture of Blackie and Tinker Belle at the door checking out the front yard. Tinker Belle has grown so much. Still loves to fetch and retrieve especially with wrapped candy.

My ironing board was in desperate need for a make over so today that was my first priority. Taking off the old cracking cover and making a new one out of some decorator fabric I had.
I have to say it looks fabulous.
More sewing tomorrow. I'll do a few more runs on the Mile A Minute Blocks.... This bag will take awhile to complete.

Frog Quilter


  1. Yep, my ironing board looks alot like your old one...maybe I need to get cracking and make a new one.

  2. Look out !!! Your scrap bag over runneth and I have moved it to a Plastic tote. Will bring it to Devine since I don't think it will wait for Nite Bee. Love the ironing board.

  3. Great blocks...look like fun! New ironing board covers are good...ready to press up a storm with the next set of blocks!


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