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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Dear Jane Update and a family visit

Here are the latest Dear Jane blocks.

I have not posted due to my brother visiting from New York.  One day we walked the Lake Murray Dam.  Well David walked slow...  So when we got to the Irmo side, I left him in the shade and I power walked back to the car.  I picked him up and away we went.  What a great walk.

This is David before the walk...  I'll spare you the after picture.  It was really hot this day but luckily there was a little breeze.

A few days later we went to Billy Dreher Island to explore.  What a nice place.

We've had a wonderful visit.  Sadly he leaves tomorrow for the next leg of his vacation.

Frog Quilter.


  1. You are turning out some pretty blocks!
    How nice to get time with your brother. I love the look of that island.

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