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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This and That

This was suppose to post Sunday...  Let's try again.

I have been busy all weekend but don't have much to show.

Made a few more string blocks.

Cleaned up the sewing room and took care of scrap fabric just laying around.  Yep more four patches.  At first I had thought about making a love quilt, but I decided to make sewing machine covers.  They need sliver trimming and then I can assemble the covers.

Labels and more labels.
JUST noticed I omitted my name in the second label.  LOL how did that happen?

On a non quilting note Hubs and I emptied the hot tube and refilled it.  Ready for another year.

Weeds also got cut down (the tall kind), car vacuumed.  Today I am pooped.  Have a stack of quilt magazines that need going through and passed on.

Here I sit relaxing and enjoying it.  Hope you are enjoying the day and maybe stitching away!

Frog Quilter

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  1. You have been busy. I'm tired reading about it--especially the weeds and the car vacuuming. Now the going through quilt magazines sounds nice. : )


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