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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Therapy

I started my Sunday morning with bread baking. YUM!!!!

I love to bake and you just can't beat anything made from scratch.

Last night I quilted another top, with feathers. A very feminine looking quilt enhanced with feathers. Some areas have "creative stitching" and that makes it unique. The long patchwork strips came from a scrap bag from Joyce. She is so good about keeping me in scraps. I really appreciate it!!!! I added the smaller strips and the border. I love this creativity in making beautiful quilts from your scraps.

This one has the binding stitched on.

A close up

Today I stitched the binding on this top and another.

Here is Blackie checking out the progress of my hexie project. I am really pushing to get it finished as I want to get back to my appliqué projects.

Hope each of you got quilt therapy this weekend.

Frog Quilter


  1. Doesn't get much better than fresh bread and a quilted quilt!

  2. mmmm Bread :D Your hexie project is so pretty!

  3. Beautiful quilt and quilting! Love the colors! Your hexie project seems to be coming along nicely.

  4. The quilt with feathers is beautiful, love the colors too. The hexie quilt is looking good and I think Blackie has claimed it for her own. (also love the other kitty paws in the pic)


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