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Monday, December 28, 2015

UFO Haunting

Have you ever had a UFO that haunted you?  I have one.  It used to stay in the bathroom storage and every time I would go,get batting it would,star,me down... Then it moved to,the long arm table and I saw it everyday....  I'm sick of seeing you!  So I finished it up early this morning at 7am.  By 8am it was finished.  I had to add a backing piece as I had under cut the correct amount, so now add more batting and quilt away.  I am so glad it's done.  It even has the binding stitched and waiting it's turn for hand stitching!!!!  Yay!

While I was on a roll I quilted a baby quilt needed for a coworkers wife due in January.

It also has the binding stitched on.  Lots of hand work for a couple evenings.

I did stitch a little on part 5 of Allietare Mystery.  Almost there!

Frog Quilter


  1. Hooray for getting that UFO done, so it won't be looking at you any more!

    Looking forward to seeing your next mystery step.

  2. I'll bet it feels good to have those two quilted.
    I have several currently haunting me. Trying to ignore tham. : )

  3. I worked on my UFO list this year hard. I think I got 13 out of 40 items done. That is at least a start.


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