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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sewing Retreat in the Mountains

Spending time in the mountains with a good friend is awesome.  What is even better is all the sewing we are doing.  I have been working on the red, pink and cream eye fooler for Liz.  It's progressing nicely.  Can't show you as Liz stalks my blog lol.

I was wondering how a mini eye fooler would look...two inch finished blocks.  You be he judge here.

It's brighter than the picture.  Be still my heart.  Denise is hand stitching one that will have one and a half inch finished blocks.

This is our work space, the entire dining room table.

Denise was finishing these blocks for a friend last night.

And our slivers container is over flowing.

We are debating how much more we can pile on it.

We had a light dusting of snow early this morning that was very pretty.

Time to go back to the table and sew.

Frog Quilter.


  1. I have never finished my full size eye fooler, and there you go tempting me with a mini! Oh, those blocks look so good.
    A grand time for the two of you, it appears! : )

  2. I cannot wait until May ,roll on Mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :)if it is not mines it looks amazing, so mines will be amazingggggg also :) hugs Liz x


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