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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Week day update

These are the bits and pieces I worked on after work in the evenings.

First up are my blocks for mini Monday.  I'm using widths that I already have, 1 1/2 inch.

Hearts that got sown.

This is my start of tumelo trail using again 1 1/2 inch size for the nine patch blocks.
   I am not sure about the sashing and setting stones.


  1. you are doing the tiny Tumelo Trails - looks good - I'm kind of glad I am making the big blocks.

  2. I like using 1-1/2" strips, too - and after a while other sizes seem TOO big and clunky - but it's probably just me - LOL. Your Tumelo Trail looks good already - without sashings and cornerstones - ;))

  3. I still haven't started mini Monday--if I keep seeing your cute blocks maybe it will motivate me.
    Oh, I am loving Tumelo Trail in the small size. No surprise there, right?

  4. Love that Tumelo Trails--it's going to be a fun quilt!!

  5. great little block projects!

  6. Your heart blocks are so cute. Enjoy!

  7. Love the colours in your Tumelo Trail blocks - that will be a wonderful, cheerful quilt!

  8. Such little pieces! I love your Tumelo Trails!


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