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Monday, April 3, 2017

More cute churn dashes etc

I took today off from work to catch up.  I started making rows of the latest T Shirt top.  I have been assembling one row a day.

Other things included cleaning my sewing room as it had gotten out of hand.  I can only take so much clutter in the sewing room.

I used all the precut churn dash pieces and made some others as well.


  1. This is making me want to do a quilt like this

  2. Wow--lots of churn dash blocks! Some very fun fabric combinations in the mix. : )

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  4. My goodness you got a lot done! I am with you on a cluttered studio. I need to get my cleaned as it is getting out of hand!

  5. Will you come clean my out-of-control sewing room too?


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