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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Auction Finds

I got these two quilt tops at last nights auction. The blocks are hand pieced. I will take off the hideous trim on the first one and finish both. They will be nice additions to my collection.


  1. Oh, but I think you should leave the pom poms on there. Hideous as they may be, they kinda make me giggle and someone thought they were fantastic if they put in that much energy to sew them on. If nothing else, it will just make people wonder about you. I figure, give em all the ammo you can - they'll never figure me out that way!!!

  2. Great auction finds!! The pom-poms are funny - and I agree with Katie - someone thought they were fantastic - ;))

  3. Very nice fines for your collection. The first one is so interesting because the last row of blocks were apparently added to enlarge it.. it looks like they’re getting the stamp of approval from your cat. I love collecting old quilts because you can learn so much from them about fabrics,styles, etc, which help to date them.

  4. I would take that trim off also. I think I like the other one best though.

    Your cat reminds me of my long ago buddy "Bandit."

  5. I love finding treasures like these. Do you think the one with the pom-poms was being used as a summer spread?


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