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Monday, January 17, 2011

Making Progress, Cleaning Up,

Last weekends quilting efforts. This is a twin size that will go to Epworth Childrens Home. I used a daisy type panto. It was nice as I could get 3 - 4 rows before having to advance the quilt.

I hope to have 2 quilts to turn in. This only put a little dent in my bag of leader ender 4 patches. I'll probably do another. I will construct it differently. Diagaonally.

Piles - All the various piles of blocks laying around turned themselves into 4 pet quilts for the animal hospital in town. 2 are quilted and two are just tops. They go together fast and there are NO RULES - JUST SEW!

I received the sweetest thank you card from the animal hospital the other day. It's nice to know your efforts are appreciated.

More to come.

Frog Quilter


  1. Liz, you have been buzy, buzy. I was going to sew yesterday and someone came to vist. NO sewing, ulck. LOL love the quilts.

  2. Liz, Love the new quilts. You go girl!!


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