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Saturday, December 10, 2011

In Broad Day Light

In between the time I left yesterday morning and the time DH got home from work (about an hour) we were robbed. The solid wood door and dead bolt did its job and held securely. BUT the door frame did not. It had to take a quite a few strong kicks to break down the door frame. Shattered is a good word to describe the door frame. It was inside and outside the house.

DH called me while I was at Walmart doing some Christmas and grocery shopping. Needless to say, I paid for what was in my cart and rushed home. I did not want to believe this could happen to us but it did. I am very thankful my cats were ok.

DH had a friend who is a carpenter come over and patch up the door frame so the house could be secured.

My lack of Christmas Spirit this year is now worse. What is wrong with people who rob others and think it is ok? To invade another persons santuary is just wrong.

I will force myself later today to put out some Christmas decorations in an effort to improve my spirit. I write this in part as therapy and as a warning to others. Make sure your house and other buildings are as secure as possible.

A quilty post will follow later today...

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  1. Oh Beth, I am so sorry this happened to you! I'm glad no one was at home and your cats are ok, so it's "just" a material damage. I hope they didn't steal too personal things. You will hopefully get your Christmas spirit back. As I said, I'm very sorry. Hugs, Marion

  2. I hope they didn't take anything that can't be replaced. Glad that your kitties were ok. Your area looks like such a safe peaceful place. Guess you will have to beef up your doors and windows. I hope this was just a freak happening. Hugs, bad things should not happen to good people.

  3. So sorry you experienced this. We have had this happen to us twice and it takes a while to get back to feeling safe in your own home.I'm going to try to do a little decorating today too. So far, I don't even have a wreath on the door.

  4. Oh, what a rotten thing to have happen! I'm so glad your cats are okay! I do hope you can get past this and enjoy some of the Christmas spirit.

  5. I'm so sorry :( It's awful to be robbed. How strange that they put so much effort into it. It really shakes your equilibrium. We were robbed in the night while we were sleeping, and it took me quite a while to get over it. I'm glad nobody was hurt at your house (furries included)!!

  6. I am so sorry, I know you feel so violated...and your post makes me want to cry for you. How horrible. You are amazing to keep your spirits up and do decorations. I hope they find the person or persons who did this.

  7. There isn't anything I can say that will make it better. Just know there are a lot of us thinking of you.

  8. Oh, wow! That is so sad--I am sorry you had this happen to you. When I was young we were robbed at Christmas, but they discovered who did it and we got everything back. Does leave you feeling so vulnerable, doesn't it?

  9. Glad you were not at home and are safe and sound. Hope they didnt get your sewing machine. Take care of yourself. thinking of you and yours.

  10. I am so sorry to hear about your break-in. I can't imagine what it must feel like to have that happen (especially in such a short period of time). I hope that the police and your insurance company treat you kindly in trying to resolve and solve your case.


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