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Sunday, December 11, 2011

3 Finishes

First - thanks to all who sent well wishes. I really appreciated all of them.

I have a baby shower to attend this week and have completed the jacobs ladder for the baby. She is due in January. She has a brother and I try to include sibblings so they don't feel left out. I pulled some crumb blocks and created a cute quilt.

They are in the dryer as I write this.

Today I sewed a set of doll pajamas. These are going with the new 18 " doll I bought for my grand daughter. It was rather challenging and just what I needed. The pattern called for elastic. Had problems with it so I put in a draw string made of fabric.

Frog Quilter


  1. Love the quilts and the doll pajamas! I didn't know you were a Grandma!

  2. Nice looking quilts. Good of you to think of the sibling.
    I have the sewing of 18" doll clothes in my future, too. My granddaughter is getting one for Christmas and I am making clothes. Bought the patterns, just haven't made progress beyond that.

  3. Very lovely quilts. I also like the pajamas, made one for a friends daughter, too. Hope your door is fixed already and you're safe again.

  4. Liz they are beautiful x


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