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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Busy busy Busy

It has been a very busy weekend. I met most of the goals that I set.

So last night I put together some yeast waffle recipe to purculate over night.

And the result from my old waffle iron. I have been using this for over 25 years...

YUM. I made a double batch and froze them. When you want one you just get them from the freezer and pop in the toaster...Mmmmmm. Hubby's eyes were glazed over when he found out lol.

I have been making little spools. Cute. They will finish at 3 inches.

Nancy donated quite a few top to be quilted and then turned in. Love Quilts.

I used fishy fabric for the back.

Hope everyone had a quilty weekend, enjoying the art of fabric, needle and thread.

Frog Quilter


  1. Another delightful post! Aren't those "older" cooking tools the best?!!! Work every time...unlike the new ones that seem to be disposable! ;-)

  2. Mmm... those waffles look delicious! And the quilt is lovely too.

  3. I've never seen waffles made with yeast. Our favorite recipe is cornmeal and whole wheat. They are very crunchy. We do a double batch and freeze the leftovers, too. Very handy, quick breakfast.
    Cute, colorful batch of bow ties, and I've never met a churn dash I didn't like. : )

  4. I love your little spools the colors are so bright and cheerful. Come over and join me at www.sewcraftykathy.blogspot.com


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