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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The result and other progress

I finished the fairy quilt and it made me S M I L E! I guess that is progress as I have been practicing.

And the back. I love how it finished!!!!!

I have been Working on two full size T Shirt quilts. One became a flimsy yesterday. I emailed the customer a picture and she loved it. The next one could become a flimsy tonight. These two quilts are to honor a soldier, who gave his life for his country. One is for the widow and one for the baby girl who is a year old. I have done a bonus quilt for her in happy bright colors.

My supper is in my new pressure cooker (a roast with carrots, celery and potatoes). It can also be used for a browner, steamer, crock pot, warmer. So far I like it

Hubs is taking me into the woods tonight to see the deer.

Frog Quilter


  1. Love it :-) Thank you for all your hard work I know the girls will cherish these quilts forever!! -Maie

  2. Love the quilts, especially the quilting.

  3. Your T-shirt quilt is great, and sashing and boarders just brings everything out. That you for invite, will be a follower.+


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