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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wall Hanging, Misc

Here is the progress of the wall hanging I'm doing for Liz in Scotland. This is the second time. First time I did the name and wedding date first and then embroidered the top wedding bell. I wasn't centered so I scrapped it. I'll make a bag or something with it. It won't go to waste!

I quilted up a panel fabric surrounded by a cute piece of yellow fish fabric. This will be going to someone at work who is due in November.

Here are the left over fan units. I always seem to make too many. There are enough here to make another quilt top (34).

I've also bound Itty Bitty and Shark Crumbs. They are washed and are drying now. All that is left on them is a label. And maybe a pillow case too.

Frog Quilter

Blogger did not cooperate so sorry for the eratic pictures vs text.


  1. When does blogger ever cooperate. Getting it to do what I want seems to be purely chance!
    It is fun to have enough leftovers for another project--it is like a free quilt. Most of the work is already done. Love it!

  2. Love the fans...and the wall hanging....blogger has its own mind.

  3. It's such fun to have leftover pieces from a quilt! It is like a free quilt!


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