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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Oh, the fabric

I didn't realize just how much fabric I had. When you get it all in one area it's massive.

I managed to quilt a quilty hug, this one was made by K of A Left Handed Quilter. All these fabulous fabrics are Kaffe and beautiful!
I've been doing some decorating and arranging my space. It's feeling very homey.
These are the unearthed quilt tops I have found. I know there are more, lots more.


  1. Whoa, lady!! I thought I had a ton or two of fabric - I think you actually DO - LOL!! Your place looks very homey - and comfortable. The Kaffe top looks good - would you post a close-up of the quilting? I'd love to see what you did with it - ;))

  2. I love seeing your stash. You can have a lot of fun with it.

  3. OMG - you could open a shop - I showed it to my husband and he said it looked like a fabric store and he was glad I didn't have that much :)

  4. Lucky you - there are lots of beautiful quilts in your stash just waiting to be made. :)

  5. Wow! that is a serious stash! You have it sorted nicely too..

  6. Glad you are settling in! There's a lot of fun in that room!

  7. You win first prize for such a well arranged stash, and your sewing area is indeed also roomy and functional.

  8. I'm sure it feels good to get organized and more settled. I might have to move to get more organized.

  9. Oh, how I wish I had one place where I could put all of my stash. That looks wonderful!
    You have a great sewing/quilting space. Enjoy!

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  11. It's fun seeing all your completed quilt tops hanging in a row. It looks like my closet downstairs - so familiar. I love completing a quilt and going into the closet to select the next one. I keep quilting them but the amount left over never seems to get smaller ha! You do have a lot of fabric but, you're not alone.


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