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Saturday, February 20, 2021

February Updates

 Here are my newest Christmas Fig blocks.  The picture reveals that I STILL have a problem with the petal on the upper right.  This block sat in time out for a few weeks and I still messed it up lol.

This is the latest Sewcialites block.  I have not tackled the 3.5 in block yet.

I took a zoom class from Kelly.  This was a lot of fun being in my own studio sewing.

Anita I thought about you the whole time I was making it. It finishes at around 12 inches square.

Kelly’s information is listed below if you are interested in taking a class with her.

Kellie Willey

Little Quilt Creations

Website - www.littlequiltcreations.com

Facebook - Kellie Willey's Little Quilts

Instagram - kelliewilleyquilts

Etsy - LittleQuiltCreations


  1. Why, I don't see any problems, I just see beautiful blocks. Your zoom class pretty is fabulous!

  2. I see the problem. If you don't mind doing partial seams, you can just rip out that section and flip it around. Ha ha....that type of correction is the reason I perfected my partial seam.

  3. great blocks and I didn't even notice the problem at first.
    love the banana print!

  4. Pretty blocks! And I do the same thing - guess it doesn't matter how long we've done this - we still mess up at times - LOL - ;))

  5. The Fig blocks are pretty even with your mess up. At least it looks like an easy fix. Love the sock monkey block! I had never seen the brown fabric with the bananas.

  6. Your blocks look great--I really love the first one.
    Isn't it crazy how we sometimes make boo-boos that we look at afterward and think, "How did I not see that?"
    Oh, such a cute little mini quilt! Very clever banana border for the monkeys. :)

  7. Your red and green blocks are beautiful and I didn't even see the mistake the first few times I looked at it. The Sock Monkey pieces must have been small to work with but its so cute!


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