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Sunday, September 12, 2021

Wow Time Is Flying By

 And how has it been a month since I posted.  No clue.

I have been sewing like crazy. A few of us are making quilts 40 X 60 inches for the flood victims of Haywood County NC. They were flooded out from hurricane Fred. Our plan to provide enough to give out at Christmas time.  A lot of fabric has been used of which I am so glad. I need to see more progress so I will keep going.

I recently went on a quilt retreat in Jonesborough TN which was fabulous. It was a Sunday through Thursday morning long and boy did we eat. So much food, all good.  And the sewing ….  I did get my leaders and Enders top together. I will insert a better picture next time.  This is in progress. 

 The black and white corner stone patches were a happy accident as I forgot my jar of of 1.5 inch squares. Looking through the fabric I had brought I chose this one and it was perfect.

Some pictures of projects happening around the room:

It was a fun retreat and I signed up for next year.  🐸




  1. OOOH....lots of fun things going on there. I love the variety. I really love your "happy accident."

  2. Time does fly by much too quickly, doesn't it? Wow, just look at all those lovely quilts in progress at the retreat. Looks as if you have a fabulous time. Your Leaders and Enders quilt is wonderful! Those black and white corner stone patches are a happy happenstance. They look amazing! There will be many thankful recipients when they receive their lovely quilts!

  3. A great finish, and it looks like a nice retreat space. That is fun to have that to look forward to. Luckily, in 2020 my retreat was before COVID hit, but we haven't had one this year. Hopefully soon!!

  4. Your leaders and enders quilt is so pretty!


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