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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quilting Today

I quilted this small green and white one today using a bubble panto. I made and sewed the binding down. I picked a cute backing with numbers on it. I have a relative with 4 new grandchildren, 3 if which are triplets. AYYYY!

So after looking into all the tops I have I picked this one as a start. I have selected others as possible contenders.

I'm also looking to reduce my orphan blocks so today I also put these strips together. I picked a wild in between fabric. The black border contains everything nicely. It would make a great baby girl quilt.

Was a wonderful day relaxing and quilting.

Frog Quilter

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  1. Nice little quilts.
    Triplets, huh? Are you planning to make three quilts alike for them, or just three quilts?


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