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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Busy busy

I have been busy with a variety of projects. I am doing Easy Street, the new Bonnie Hunter mystery. I have added a link on the left side of my blog. Here are about 194 pairs waiting to be sewn. There is a pile of ten that are sewn.

They are starting to be sewn.....I reward my self with sewing these as I work on the two T Shirt Commissions quilts. This works good for me and keeps me motivated.

Tinker Belle likes to help me eat my yogurt. Blackie is just sitting there looking strangely at her. He does not like yogurt (he normally eats anything) I guess he is jealous that she has my attention.

Have a quilty weekend.

Frog Quilter

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  1. Wow, what fantastic quilts you do. Would like one of those quilters how nice to be able to quilt with one of those. My quilt was made up by myself to go with my 'quirky house' cushions and pictures.


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