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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Aqua strings and a flimsy quilted

Here are nine more aqua string blocks.

Are you sick of seeing my string blocks?

Yersterday I got the urge to quilt one of my many tops. So I put this work of art on the frame. I just love this quilt. It is made up of orphan blocks and so beautiful. I used a rosy colored thread on top and so fine on the back. The panto is bountiful feathers.

And the back.

I am off to my grandsons birthday party today so no quilting. Maybe this evening when I get home. Tomorrow for sure.

Frog Quilter


  1. I am not the least bit tired of those Aqua String blocks. Of course aqua is right there in my favorite colors. heehee The top you quilted is just gorgeous too. Great finish!

  2. Those are gorgeous strings. :) Man, I have a huge (and growing) list of flimsies I need to quilt!!

  3. So fun to get a flimsy off the flimsy list, isn't it. Haven't done that with a bed quilt for a while.


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