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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Busy Day

Yesterday I quilted a love quilt. I used the baptist fan panto.. When finished I had mixed emotions about the finish. I set up a hanging area between two trees (I have many). After seeing it hang outside its lovely. What do you think.

I couldn't resist hanging my court house steps quilt....


Here are the blue strings I did yesterday. All that did not really make a dent in the blue string drawer. How is that possible?

Happy sewing / quilting on this Veterans Day weekend. I have served my country and fully support ALL military personnel serving their country!!

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  1. Your quilts and blocks are lovely (love those blue strings.)
    Thank you for your service!

  2. I love the Love quilt, beautiful colours and the quilting patterns suits it perfectly. Happy Dance.

  3. The quilt is beautiful-- great color choices. Thanks for serving in the military.

  4. Many thanks for your service! Beautiful quilts! Love the courthouse steps:)

  5. When I saw the photo of the first quilt, before I started reading, I thought it was a "V" quilt for a veteran.
    Thanks for your service!

  6. Great quilts. Love the Fan design in the first quilt. Had to smile at the string quilt blocks...I made an entire bed sized quilt out of scraps last year. Looking at my scraps afterwards I found it had not made much of a dent at all. It is quite amazing.

  7. I love blue and your strings look so pretty! And that courthouse steps quilt is awesome! Good job!


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