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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Eye Fooler Block Parts

I have been making all the parts for this eye fooler quilt block. I think I have almost enough created for a 3 X 4 layout. So today I plan to put together a few blocks. I am loving this quilt block

Maybe I'll have a few blocks sewn together later for another post.

Frog Quilter


  1. I like that block too. I'll be watching to see several blocks together.

  2. was this the one you were telling me about yesterday?? love it. so scrappy. our favorite!

  3. I noticed that your center is a square within a square. I like that. The pattern I am using has 4 small HST in the center. This would make up so much quicker doing it your way. I haven't made those parts yet, so I may make an adjustment. I love this quilt!

  4. I love that block -- it's so much fun!


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