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Saturday, November 18, 2017

One for me

My En Provence is quilted.  The binding has been cut, sewn and is ready to attach.

I started quilting this top digitally.  Into the second row the power supply for the computer got hung up on the table.  So I thought I have a stencil I could pounce down and continue.  Where the H##} is my pounce device.   Well I couldn't find it so I ordered one off of Amazon.  It arrived a few days later.  So one evening I proceeded to pounce my stencil pattern and quilt the design.  Baptist fans.  After a row or two I thought well I can do this free hand.  And I did.  I only marked the beginning of the row as that was very visible and had to look decent.  All others were on lots of different fabrics.  All in all I'm glad I did it this way.  One more free hand design I can do.


  1. That looks GREAT! Looks like you'll be done with this one just in time to start a new one - ;))

  2. Awesome finish! I am still pondering on whether I will do the new sew along. I don't have Bonnie colors in my stash, but I hate to miss out on the fun!

  3. Your quilt looks great! My En Provence is nearly finished - just a few more inches of binding to sew down. I really love this design. :)

  4. Good for you getting last year's mystery done before starting this years!!


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