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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Stitching Away

 Just not so much in the quilt studio. I completed another two pin pillows for my coffee table centerpiece and I’m loving it. I have another almost finished but ran out of a green thread.  Amazon to the rescue, I should have it tomorrow. 

I have put my patchwork blocks together that I showed in the last post.  Now to iron and trim.

Hope everyone is doing well.  🐸


  1. LOVE your little cuties - there is so much detail in such a little space - ;))

  2. Nice needlework. It is handy to be able to order supplies whenever you run low (or out.)

  3. You pin pillows turned out so nice! You are amassing a nice collection. I am working on a sampler right now. I have not posted it to my blog yet. All I have to work off is pictures - no chart was available. It is done in only two colors so that made it easy. I am working on the main motif and once I see how it comes together I will post it. I wanted hand dyed black floss. When I went to one shop and she asked me what I was making I told her about stitching off a picture. She kind of looked at me like I was crazy and she knew I was when I explained I would just improv it! LOL!!! I loved freakin' her out!

  4. Excellent little pin pillows! Very nice work. Don't know if my eyes could handle all those tiny stitches anymore, but there was a time I loved doing it.


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