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Sunday, April 11, 2021


 I haven’t quilted much in the last two months due to medical issues.  I have mostly been cross stitching on the couch between naps.

Here are the love quilts that have been quilted.

I have started my Sentimental Stitches 365 little blocks and have three completed.

And this is the sampler I have been working on. 

I have had my first Covid-19 shot and get the second one in a few weeks.  I will be glad when all the virus crap is over....🐸


  1. I wonder when all the Covid dramas will be over??!! That is no good you have been unwell for such a long time. I hope you are feeling better with each day. Those Love quilts are lovely and how fabulous they look now they are quilted. Goodness, those Sentimental Stitches are tiny! They are looking fabulous. Take care.

  2. Medical issues are no fun - but your quilts, little blocks and sampler are wonderful. Hope you feel better soon - ;))

  3. I got my second vaccine yesterday. My arm is a bit sore but overall, I feel good.
    Those quilts look good.

  4. That is a lot of love in those quilts!
    Your little blocks turned out so cute! So is the color scheme for the quilt r/w/b, or are you doing batches in different color groups?
    Great sampler--what a beauty!!

  5. Lots of beautiful quilts finished. Bravo! Those are very small blocks and they are so cute. Hope you are feeling better soon. Medical issues are never fun. Take care. ;^)

  6. Wonderful love quilt finishes! WOW! 365 tiny blocks. I can not image doing that. Hope you enjoy the spring.

  7. Cute quilts! Those blocks are so tiny and are beautiful! Your sampler is a bit more complex than the one I just did for sure! Is it over one or two thread or maybe a mix? What fabric are you using? 36 count? 40 count? I found another sampler I want to make; another instance that I have just the picture. It is pretty simple so that won't be an issue. I wanted to make it because it is an Irish sampler which I don't seem to find many of those.


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