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North Carolina. An active quilter and long armer. Give me a quilt and watch it come to life as I stitch it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Long Time Gone

 I did not mean to be away so long.  Life has a way of doing that…

February took me on a trip to Panama which was fabulous. One of the highlights was seeing the Panama Canal in operation. We stayed in a eco lodge where everything was taken care of. So cool. 

Three weeks later and I was traveling to St John in the Virgin Islands. It was a action packed trip. Every day we hiked and snorkeled in the most beautiful aqua waters. We saw many beautiful sea creatures. I felt my age on this trip and didn’t like that. 

I think I have recovered for the most part and now need to get my studio in order. I started today by putting stuff where it belongs. I have things to do and a few quilting jobs to accomplish. 

Here are the quilts that have been completed in the last quarter. The Quilty hugs quilts will be delivered tomorrow as I will be in the area getting my car serviced. 

This is a baby quilt for a co worker who I loved.  She got married and had a little girl.  I designed this little quilt and love it.

This next one was donated by C. Thanks. 

The next three
were pieced and donated by Lisa T. Thanks Lisa. 

This next one is for me and my queen size bed. It was a leader ender challenge from Bonnie Hunter a few years back. I made so many blocks that I will have to make another quilt to use them up. 

Sorry I have been away so long. The cross stitch bug has bitten me and one of my posts will highlight some finishes. 

Hope everyone is well!  🐸


  1. Your trip to Panama sounds fabulous. The quilt for your bed is a beauty, and sweet little baby girl quilt too. More lovely donation quilts. Enjoy your cross-stitch.

  2. Glad you are back. Was fun to se you in Spartanburg.

  3. Welcome back!! Sounds like you had a good time - and have finished quite a few quilts, too - ;))

  4. Welcome back. I am glad you had a lovely trip.

  5. So happy to see in Blogland again. Glad to hear you had some fun trips. Isn't home sweet after a vacation like that? You kept the quilting machine busy. Love your Easy Breezy quilt. ;^)


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