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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Processing Scraps

My sewing room looks like a tornado had landed.  I did get through a big bag of scraps.  I put them through the AccuQuilt cutter and also stripping them.  I have a bunch cut for large flying geese.   Some are already sewn.  One of these days I needs to sew a bunch of string blocks to get them under control.  Enjoy my messy pictures!


  1. I need to get my accuquilt busy this year to cutting into all the scraps and making things more ready for scrap quilts and use some of this up!

  2. Me, too!! Getting my scraps under control is always messy - but FUN. It reminds me of making mud pies when I was a kid - the messier it was - the more FUN I had - ;))

  3. It's amazing how we have to create a mess in order to tidy up. You're doing what I should be.

  4. I admire your scrap organizing. I just fold and sort by color then add to the correct color bin. I noticed your quilt machine, what brand? Do you like it? Have any pros or cons? I'm looking to upgrade from my BHQ to something better. The SR is my biggest concern, does it come to a complete stop?


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